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Our Retired Athletes living their best lives

While most sled dogs live for mushing and racing not every sled dog is born with this desire. Rarely a sled dog is born that would much rather find a human adventure buddy to call their team. More often the dogs race until they are 7-10 years old  before they slow down and become the perfect house pet/couch potato (ok lets be honest usually they still want to run, just a lot shorter and at a slower pace). When it comes time for a dog to retire we carefully search for the

right fit home for each dog. While we usually have 4-5 retired dogs roaming the yard or laying on the couch we do occasionally find new forever homes when the right dog and right family occur. Due to their exceptional health and athletic lifestyle sled dogs regularly outlive most other dog breeds commonly living to be over 16 years old. 

If interested in getting on our list or learning more about our retiring athletes please contact us through our website: 

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Annie retired and happily enjoying her adventure life with Gigi. Annie enjoys long walks on the beach in Nome but is skeptical of the ocean. She enjoys snuggling and meeting other dog friends. 

Burglar & Brie 

Our close friends Sam and Natlie were so excited to get a husky to adventure with that they decided to get two tailwind kennel favorites. 

Pepper Jack


Pepper Jack loves his toys, colorful outfits, and running around Anchorage with his new family.