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2020 Iditarod Main Sponsors

uncle dinger and aunt mary_edited_edited

Jessica's Aunt Mary and Uncle Dinger.  Gathering support and spreading excitement about the Iditarod all over Ohio!


Akron Bearing Company, Ohio.

walther dental.jpg

Walther Dental, our favorite family dentist going back to when he was in Bethel with us! 


Kacie and Troy Temple


Jeremiah, brother who provides all the fish for the team and regularly helps with everything around the kennel. Jeremiah is also the 2011  Jr. Iditarod champion.

TC and laura_edited.jpg

Laura and TC, friends from WSU Vet School class of 2016.


The K300, Jessica's hometown race, has been sponsoring her since she was a kid in Bethel.  We are grateful for their continued support.


Deb Reichard and Manfred Finger, for their continued support for over 20 years of Jessica's mushing, thanks for all the help. 

As Well As:

-Lynn Noel

-Jim and Jody Klejka

-N.L. Construction Corp., Eric and Chris Kerzan
-Trent Schloneger
-JMW Trucking , Wes Slutz
-Reliable Ready Mix Co.
-Robert Dennard and Rosco
-The Klejka Family
-The Brewer Family
-Mike and Cathy Lucas

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