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Iditarod 2019

Well the team and I completed our first Iditarod! I am behind on my postings because following an extremely healthy Iditarod adventure I caught the flu when we arrived home. I will be posting some pictures and blog posts from the trail this week. Below are a few moments taken at the finish by John Wallace.

This year was a very special year to be in Nome with one of our favorite hometown mushers and friend Pete Kaiser winning the race. It felt extra special to finish in Nome with such a strong crowd of Bethelites, the champ Pete and of course my whole family there to greet us. Also present at the finish line was my Iditarider Terrie Hanke who was the 2019 Iditarod eye on the trail. Her wonderful race commentary can be found Our Jr. Musher Anna, was also gifted with a trip to Nome joining the Klejka/Brewer family entourage.

Holding Scout

I finished with 11 dogs: Radar, Stella,Siri, Wonton, Cortana, Nylon, Scout, Ruble, Lucious, Brownie and Rudy. I am so proud of this team and couldn't have been happier with our rookie run to Nome. Ralph, Willy and Bailey also did a great job and were returned home along the trail to be spoiled due to minor soreness.

A very special thanks to my Sister Joan for her endless help this winter, my husband Sam for handling the logisitcs, Jeremiah and Anna for making sure the dogs were tucked in at home after the race, Smart stopstop for joining us as a sponsor and for all the sponsors who made this winter possible (See our sponsor page)!

At the finish with Joan and Anna

Running down front street to the finish

Finish in Nome

Family photo at the finish

Terrie our Iditarider and friend

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