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Wille, 5, Leader.  Look for Willie at the head of the team, unless he's been put in wheel. It's all or nothing with him.

Goose, 11, Leader.  One of our most experienced leaders.  Loves getting pet and surveying the yard from the comfort of his house.

Burglar, 9, Leader.  Little known fact, Burglar used to work as a male model for Husky Homestead.

Radar, 3, Leader.  The up-and-coming star, future golden harness winner, and clearly the prettiest dog in the yard. 

Scout, AKA "Princess Scout", 2, Lead dog.  She may look like she enjoys being carried rather than carrying us and may have grown up in a treehouse, but she enjoys running along with everyone else and has been on both of Jessica's Iditarod teams.

Stella, 7, Leader.  A new addition to our team and an Iditarod veteran.  Steady, confident, and very friendly.

Brownie, 3, Lead dog.  Pete and Radar’s brother. With his good looks Brownie is easily the star of his own show. 

Bolt, 3, Leader.  Could have also been named "Leap", she can clear a 5 foot fence without touching it.

Pete, 4, Team dog.  Pete is a hard pulling team dog, and hopeful leader as all 3 of his siblings are great leaders in our kennel.  

Piglet, 11, Retired.  Piglet happily spends her days roaming the yard for treats and bits of food anyone may have dropped.

Phil, 5, Lead dog.  Willie's brother, has finished every race hes entered and give the best hugs in the yard.

Rudy, 2, Wheel dog.  He would probably love to lead, but he has yet to grow out of his goofy puppy phase.

Jenna, 3, Leader. Momma of the Cheese Puffs, 40 pounds and full of positive energy. One of the teams cheerleaders, Jenna loves to cheer loudly as the team gets ready to leave the starting line.

Howard, 8, Team dog.  Reliable, gets along with everyone, loves butt rubs and will never leave your side if you’re out in the yard. Howard has run at least 6 Jr. Iditarods, helped Jessica qualify for the Iditarod, and is always there for a hug.

Ralph, 2, Team dog. A guy with many nicknames including Furry Murry, Wreck-it Ralph (after the Disney movie), and Muppet. Stay tuned for updates on his first race season with us.  

UPDATE: Ralph is now leading!

Ruble, 3 , Team and lead dog.  Brother to Radar and Brownie.  A cheerleader and upcoming leader.

Feta (right), 2, Leader. The smallest of the cheese litter at 30 pounds, she is our smallest dog with the biggest voice. Taking after her mom, Feta cheers loudly anytime the team stops. An obvious favorite due to her size and large attitude. From a young age she asserted herself as the leader of her siblings.

Siri and Cortana, 3, Leaders. Sleek, hard- working, raced the 2018 Knik 200, 2018 Willow 300, 2018 Willow 100 and 2018 Jr. Iditarod.  Inseparable sisters.  They are essentially just a double wide dog unit now.

Leonard, 8, Team dog. Named for his uncanny resemblance (glasses included) to Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory”, he has always been a favorite, racing with most of the Klejka kids in various races.

Lucius, 3, Team dog.  Not as evil as he sounds.  Raced in both of Jessica's Iditarod teams.

Garrett, 5, Leader.  This dog is almost away found at the front of the team. From a single puppy litter, he has awkward social skills to say the least. This most likely contributed to the 5 different dogteams he tried out before settling with us.  Garrett makes sure his musher always gets home, and he never misses a snack!

Gouda, 2, Team Dog.  Biggest of the cheeses, and the only one who gets his looks from his father.  

The Cheese Puffs...I mean PUPS: Gouda, Pepper Jack, Feta, Colby, and Brie.  The pups are 2 years old now and will be running with the big dogs this winter.

Wonton, 3, Lead Dog.  Two time Iditarod finisher.  She will lead in those conditions where no one else wants too.  

Muktuk, 4, Team Dog.  Steady, calm, easy going, all around great guy. Loves to give hugs and play in his straw but also knows when to be serious and focused.

Cat, age unknown, sled driver and dogyard provaCATeur.  Also answers to "Meow".

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Sam and Jess live with their 30(ish) dogs on an airstrip near the Iditarod trail in Knik, AK.  We are currently preparing for Jess to run the Iditarod in March 2020.

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